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Scroll through our dog bakery menu , have your pup(s) sitting beside you!

Storage Notes

Treats can be stored in an air tight container , in a cool/dark place,  but should be kept refrigerated. Because all of the ingredients are natural and human grade, treats will expire within 3 weeks of purchase.  They will last in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Best Friend Biscuits

Made with Rolled Oats, Whole Grain Flour, Banana,

Pumpkin and/or Applesauce, Flax Seed and Beef Broth

Choice of protein (one of):

Chicken, Beef, Liver (Beef or Lamb), Tuna, Salmon, Cheese,        Peanut Butter or Bacon

$12 -200 Grams


Grain Free Option Available 


Doggo Mini Donuts

Whole Grain Flour, Eggs, Applesauce, Honey, Beef Broth, Cinnamon.  Iced with Carob and Yogurt  Chips and/or Cream Cheese

Your choice of topping (because you know what your pup likes!):
Bacon, Beef Liver, Chicken, Carrot, Strawberry. Blueberry


$15 per 1/2 dozen


Littles (training treats)

Made with Eggs, Tapioca Flour, Whole Grain Flour

Your choice of protein
Chicken, Liver, Peanut Butter, Salmon, Tuna


$10 per bag-100 Grams

Grain Free Option Available 


Canine Crunch
Grain and Egg Free

Made with Rolled Oats , Peanut Butter, Banana

2 Flavors to Choose From:

Ninja's Version- Bacon Blueberry

Charlie's Version-Apple Cheddar


$10 per bag - 180 Grams


Paws-itivly Tail Wagging Cakes

Made with Whole Grain Flour, Eggs, Pumpkin, Applesauce, Honey, Banana and Broth. Frostings will be Mashed Potatoes (Sweet OR White), Cream Cheese, Greek Yogurt and Honey.

5 flavors to choose from:


  • Ja’Bacon Me Crazy- Canadian Bacon & Natural Peanut Butter

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time- Natural Peanut Butter, Berries & Carrots

  • Cheeseburger O’Clock- Lean Beef & Cheddar Cheese

  • Mother Clucker with Cheese- Chicken & Cheddar Cheese

  • Shepherd's Pie- Lean Beef, Potato's, Peas, Carrots and Cheese




3 Inch Cake: $26

4 Inch Cake: $30

 6 Inch Cake: $36 

8 Inch Cake: $46

An additional charge is added for custom design - Contact Mandy for Details



Same flavor options as the Tail Wagging Cakes

$26 per 1/2 dozen (6)


 Pork Paw Pies
Grain Free Available

Made with Lean Pork, Applesauce, Carrots, Peas,

Sweet Potato and Whole Grain Flour


$12 per bag - 200 Grams