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Our Menu: Products

Scroll through our dog bakery menu , have your pup(s) sitting beside you!

Storage Notes

Treats can be stored in an air tight container , in a cool/dark place,  but should be kept refrigerated. Because all of the ingredients are natural and human grade, treats will expire within 3 weeks of purchase.  They will last in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Paws-itivly Tail Wagging Cakes

Two layers, made with Whole Grain Flour, Eggs, Pumpkin, Applesauce, Honey, Banana and Broth. Frostings is Cream Cheese, Greek Yogurt and Honey.

5 flavors to choose from:


  • Ja’Bacon Me Crazy- Canadian Bacon & Natural Peanut Butter

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time- Natural Peanut Butter, Berries & Carrots

  • Cheeseburger O’Clock- Lean Beef & Cheddar Cheese

  • Mother Clucker with Cheese- Chicken & Cheddar Cheese

  • Shepherd's Pie- Lean Beef, Potato's, Peas, Carrots and Cheese



3 Inch Cake: $26

4 Inch Cake: $30

 6 Inch Cake: $36 

8 Inch Cake: $46

An additional charge may added for custom design - Contact Mandy for Details

Cake is a NEED not a Want.



Made with Whole Grain Flour, Eggs, Pumpkin, Applesauce, Honey, Banana and Broth. Frostings will be Mashed Potatoes (Sweet OR White), Cream Cheese, Greek Yogurt and Honey.

Same flavor options as the Tail Wagging Cakes

$26 per 1/2 dozen (6)

Pupcakes are great for a pawty

with buds !

Each pupcake can be customized with a Best Friend Biscuit engraved with pawty guests names!  

Customized Cupcakes, because dogs notice these things.


Doggo Mini Donuts

Whole Grain Flour, Eggs, Applesauce, Honey, Beef Broth, Cinnamon.  Iced with Carob and Yogurt  Chips and/or Cream Cheese

Your choice of topping (because you know what your pup likes!):
Bacon, Beef Liver, Chicken, Carrot, Strawberry. Blueberry


$15 per 1/2 dozen

Donuts are great for a pawty

with buds or for smaller pups, or medium pups, or large Pups, even extra large get the picture.

Donuts are Life and so are Dogs. 


Best Friend Biscuits

Made with Rolled Oats, Whole Grain Flour, Banana,

Pumpkin and/or Applesauce, Egg, Flax Seed and Beef Broth

Choice of protein (one of):

Chicken, Beef, Liver (Beef or Lamb), Tuna, Salmon, Cheese,        Peanut Butter or Bacon

$12 -200 Grams


Grain Free Option Available 

Dog Biscuits that are not some weird pink kind of brown color. Unreal!

Feed as a treat. Caution on taking to dog park, you may just all of a sudden have a bunch of pups on you, which in hindsight is

actually awesome.

So take them.  

Our Menu: Seasonal
Our Menu: SeasonalItems

Littles (training treats)

Made with

Eggs, Tapioca Flour, Whole Grain Flour, Olive Oil

Your choice of protein
Chicken, Liver, Peanut Butter, Salmon, Tuna


$10 per bag-100 Grams

Grain Free Option Available 

I mean...the shapes on these treatos alone just makes me what to squeal with delight. 

BUT, what is more delightful is how basic these healthy five ingredient treatos are. Protein is the main ingredient, think Arnold in the 80's.


Canine Crunch
Grain and Egg Free

Made with Rolled Oats ,  Brown Rice Flour,

Banana and Applesauce

2 Flavors to Choose From:

Ninja's Version- Bacon Blueberry

Charlie's Version-Apple Cheddar


$10 per bag - 180 Grams

The sound of a dog crunching is next level awesomeness.

These squares of berry bacon apple cheese goodness are all crunch. Do not be surprised if you find yourself beginning to calm down, maybe mediating whilst you feed Fido. 

Crunch ASMR is real. 


 Pork Paw Pies
Grain Free Available

Made with Lean Pork, Applesauce, Carrots, Peas,

Sweet Potato and Whole Grain Flour


$12 per bag - 200 Grams


Hearing the word pie just creates a sense of immense happiness, can you imagine what they taste like? Your dog has wondered this, remember Easter...the stare down Milo the Border Poodle (is that a breed?)  gave you at the table. 

Pork Paw Pie cookies are paw shaped, delicious and nutritious. The paw shape does make it taste better. 

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