Best Friend Biscuits

Best Friend Biscuits

It doesnt matter how big or small your pups are, from teeny Poodles to towering Great Danes, these crunchy, oven baked Biscuits will have your pups asking nicely for more ;)  Made with fresh, wholesome, healthy ingredients and no preservatives. Get ready to see some tails wagging! 

  • Description

    GRAIN Free Available

    No artifical flavors, additves or salt

    Small-Large Bone Sizes available

    Baked in Oven- Dehydrated for extra freshness and flavor

    Just the right amount for training, or a morning/midnight snack!


  • Ingredients List

    Applesauce, Banana. Pumpkin, Protein, Oats, Whole Wheat Flour, Beef Broth and Flax Seed

  • Weight

    200 Grams

PriceFrom C$12.00