Canine Crunch

Canine Crunch

You know the sound....when your pup chomps on a treat and then CRUNCH!  These treats are full of delicious proteins, and healthy fruits, packed with anti oxidants and vitamins, and the Crunch is real! 

Two Flavor options: Blueberry and Bacon (Ninja's Version)  and Apple Cheddar (Charlie's Version) Grain Free and Egg Free!

  • Description

    No artifical flavors, additves or salt

    Baked in Oven- Dehydrated for extra freshness and flavor

    Just the right amount for training, or a morning/midnight snack!


  • Weight

    180 Grams

  • Ingredients

    -Blueberry and Bacon: Banana, Applesauce, Blueberry, Bacon, Oat Flour

    -Apple and Cheddar: Bananan, Applesauce, Cheddar Cheese, Oat Flour