Kitty Celebration Cakes

Kitty Celebration Cakes

"In ancient times, cats were worshipped as Gods; they have not forgotten this"- Terry Pratchett


It's not just about the dogs, cats deserve to be celebrated too! They will not hesitate to remind you of this either ;)


These Kitty Bundt Cakes are the purrrfect size for your feline friend’s birthday celebration. Made with simple, wholesome, limited ingredients that your kitty will enjoy...on their own time though, because kitties to do things on their own timeline.


    3" Bundt Cake

    Comes with a Candle and a Party Hat Topper

  • Ingredients

    Tuna, Egg, Cooked Shrimp, WW Flour,  Potato, Cheese (very small quantity), Tuna Littles (Tapioca Flour, WW Flour,  Egg, Tuna)